The Geowellex

Geowellex is a oilfield service and technology company which provides professional Geological Analysis, Mud Logging, Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation. Combining knowledge, experience and technology developed specially for the oilfield industry, GeoWellex offers a well-set package of consulting and data services that fill the needs of operator companies, in accordance with Brazilian Regulations.


  • Qualified staff with extensive experience in Brazilian sedimentary basins;
  • Experience over years of services in monitoring and geological interpretation;
  • High quality for products and services associated with Geological and Mud Logging processes.


Geowellex is recognized for its business vision, the ability to innovate, the importance of the quality of its products and services and respect for the environment.

Geowellex believes that there are always opportunities to reinvent and improve standards. Focusing on these principles, Geowellex proposes, through controlled processes, high reliability and technological innovations, detect target zones for oil and gas that otherwise could not be observed during the E&P process.