Geological data with maximum reliability

Real-time formation evaluation

Agility in sharing information and reports with the client

Advanced and specialized geological analysis.

Geowellex provides specialized services for drilling wells, with total autonomy and quality in Geological Consulting and in the analysis of operational and hydraulic parameters. We are fully committed and responsible for the precision, accuracy and value of information related to the process of sampling and geological analysis.

Our Geological Consulting activity plays a fundamental role in maintaining operational safety and in specialized analysis of rocks to extract valuable information in loco, in real time and supported by remote monitoring systems and advanced analysis.


  • Specialized Geological Striplog
  • Advanced and Automated Geological Reports¬†
  • Wellsite Geologist
  • Operations Geologist (Specialist)
  • Geological and Operational Systems
  • Data Integration and Remote Advanced Analysis¬†
  • Mitigate risks and extract informations in real time

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