Real-time data acquisition and processing

Optimize drilling efficiency and reduce NPT

Smart diagnostics to maximize operational security.

Agility, operational security and efficiency

Our Mud Logging service is based on agility, operational security, consistency and real-time data reliability. With this direction, we use certified and specialized technologies for data storage, monitoring and processing, with systems and technical infrastructure fully developed and maintained by our team, thus having total control, confidence and freedom to customize and evolve our systems according to the customers’ needs. 

GEOWELLEX provides monitoring of drilling and surface data, highlighting key data points to improve drilling efficiency, optimizing productive time and drilling performance, also enabling detection of kicks and operational anomalies, providing a service of security and quality.


  • Automated System Reports and Technical Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring System and Mobile Application
  • Mitigate Risks, Optimize Processes and Reduce Drilling Downtime
  • Specialized Drilling System
  • Advanced Gas Extraction, Detection and Analysis (C1 - C8)
  • Compliance, Transparency and Customer Relationship
  • End-to-End Fully Data and Technologies Integration

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